SWAT team captures man who allegedly hit security guard with hatchet

A man allegedly hit a security guard in the face with a hatchet Wednesday night after guards tried to stop him from stealing a security car from the Northfield Mall in Stapleton, police reported.
The incident began when two guards confronted a man who seemed to be trying to steal one of their cars, the Denver Police Department said. The suspect allegedly drew a tomahawk-style hatchet and hit one of the guards in the face before running into a nearby field. Mall security gave chase, but lost him, police said.
DPD arrived on the scene with a SWAT team and K9 units. They followed the suspect’s tracks through the snow to the nearby Sapp Brothers truck stop, police said.
When the man saw police, he reportedly dropped the hatchet and ran, trying to hide among the semi-trucks parked in the lot. Police found the man, and mall security officers confirmed his identity, police said. He was arrested on the spot.
The suspect’s name was not immediately released. The injured mall guard was expected to recover.

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