Richmond security guard brutally attacked at RVa Street Art Festival site

A Richmond security guard is recovering from a brutal attack while members of the art community rally behind him. 66-year-old Jack Newsom says, his shift was just ending Saturday night when he was assaulted.

Richmond police are investigating the brutal crime, but have limited suspect descriptions because Newsom barely remembers a thing from that night.

“I remember going to work and then walking to my car to go home,” said Newsom. “Next thing I know, I woke up in a hospital room.

Newsom says, he’s worked as a security guard at the old GRTC bus depot for four years and has never been attacked until now.

In September, the bus depot was redone by over 50 artists for the RVa Street Art Festival. The organizers are also responsible for the wall art on the Canal Walk.

This past Saturday night, Newsom says he was patrolling the grounds when he saw that some of the art had been vandalized. He says, he called it in to his supervisors and began walking to his car when he was attacked from behind.

Newsom was left with bruises around his neck, two black eyes, a broken tooth and no memory of what happened.

Back at the depot, the exhibit is now closed to the public but organizers are asking people to “leave a note of kindness” for Newsom. There are also plans to host a benefit for the security guard.

For them, Newsom has a message: “I wish to thank everybody who’s trying to help.”

The co-organizer of RVa Street Art says, this “cowardly act” won’t shut down the exhibit for good. For now, the public is not allowed on the property.

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