Woman Accidentally Kills Herself With Smith and Wesson .500 at Shooting Range

I’m sure everyone has seen the videos on Youtube when someone hands an inexperienced shooter, usually a tiny female, a gun that a new shooter has no business handling and then laughs when they can’t handle the power of the firearm.

This case should be an example of why such acts are not only stupid, they can have fatal consequences.

According to WGEM, a woman from South America was visiting family in Missouri. They decided to take a family trip to the shooting range.

Someone put a Smith and Wesson .500 revolver in the hands of the visiting woman.

After firing one shot from the gun, the woman lost her grip, the gun got turned around, and she accidentally fired a second shot, which hit her in the head, and killed her.

A gun that powerful is a handful for even the most experienced shooters to handle, let alone a new shooter.

This situation could have also been prevented by several other safety measures. Proper instruction to never try to catch a falling gun could have possibly prevented the incident. So could loading a single round in the gun. When I’m introducing new shooters to guns I always load 1 round in the gun to start. This insures that if something goes wrong after the first shot, the gun will be clear.

Be careful out there, and be sure to take extra safety precautions when dealing with a new shooter.

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