Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight

Smith & Wesson Galaxy

The Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight is currently selling for less than $27 or 33% cheaper than the listed price. It is extremely popular not just because of its brand name but because the performance has been consistent with a few tweaks in the design that makes it a great all-around flashlight – people who travel at night like pilots and truck drivers find a red light LED torch a very useful part of their tool kit.

The Smith & Wesson brand name alone is enough to convince many that this Galaxy 13 is a terrific buy. S&W is an American brand that has been selling since 1852 and its flashlights are designed and produced exclusively by Powertech Inc in Tennessee. This is the same company that made Coleman safety products from 2004 to 2005.

The Galaxy 13 comes with 10 white and 3 red LED bulbs. The red is for use at night so one does not get bothered and blinded by the glare of white light. The lumens for the white LED is 10 and for the red LED, 6.5. The white LED bulbs will work for 30 hours with 3 triple A batteries while the red LEDs are good for 80 hours. The batteries are included in the purchase of the flashlight. The beam is different for the white LEDs at 17.1 meters and 16.5 meters for the red LEDs. The focus of the beam is permanent and cannot be adjusted.

Structurally, the flashlight is has an anodized aluminum case packed with a soft holster case with a belt hoop. The case even has a pocket for an extra set of spare batteries. It is not waterproof but looks like it can take a few seconds of water immersion in case you drop it accidentally. At one end of the flashlight are 2 tiny holes where you can attach a lanyard. The casing also has a textured grip making it easy to hold.

To operate the flashlight, you will need to push the buttons on the body. The forward button will turn on the white LEDs while back button switches on the red LEDs. You can play around with the switch to get the flicker light but there is no permanent switch for this type of mode. The flashlight also has a security mode that stops it from switching on accidentally.

To give you an idea of the quality of this flashlight, this is the unit of choice for the US military for many years because of the red light LEDs. It helps them with map reading, signaling, and emergencies at night.

Any problems with the LED lights and switches can be forwarded through email to the manufacturer. These are under lifetime warranty and the usual case is that the flashlight will be replaced.

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