Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm for sale

When Smith & Wesson first began manufacturing polymer-framed pistols to compete with Glock, to be honest, they were a bit rubbish. The Sigma product line wasn’t very good. Certainly not on par with the quality we’ve come to expect from S&W. Then, they introduced the M&P line. And it was good. And the clouds parted and there was another polymer pistol on the market that could compete with the mighty Glock. And they were awarded law enforcement contracts and shooters that disliked the awkward grip angle of the Glock applauded the M&P’s classic 1911-style grip. And some models were available with a manual safety lever. And the interchangeable grip panels were best in class. And we sold many of them. And then the envelope was pushed further…

The Smith & Wesson Shield (shown above) is an extraordinary pistol. The form factor is almost perfect: slim and sleek, yet large enough to command properly. This is a compact pistol that doesn’t fly out of your hands while your pinky dangles in the breeze. And if you lose sleep worrying about pistols with no manual safety, rest easy– it has one those. It also comes generously equipped with two magazines– one flush fit 7-rounder, and an 8-rounder with extended grip for good measure.

The sights are excellent and made of steel. So is the guide rod. I wouldn’t call the trigger match-grade, but that’s not what this little pistol is about. It is a purpose built weapon ideal for concealed carry. And for that task, it’s phenomenal. Your move, Glock.

Speaking of which, expect a single stack 9mm from the Austrian powerhouse early next year.

For now, we have the sublime S&W Shield– available in 9mm and .40S&W. The perfect holster for your Shield? The Wilder Tactical Shinobi, of course. For a limited time, we’re giving away a free Wilder Tactical holster with every S&W Shield. Your choice of coyote brown or classic black. A $75 value.

In case you missed our last e-mail earlier this week, we have an exciting new product line that is Made in the USA. If you’re in the market for a compact camera tripod, you have to check out our Ultrapod series. They start at under $10 and they’re very handy. What a great stocking stuffer! The Ultrapod is sturdy, yet lightweight. There’s a velcro strap on each model that can be used for securing your camera to a tree branch, street sign, or whatever else is available nearby. It’s really quite clever. Need some more last minute gift ideas?

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