Preserving Your Teeth as You Age

Aging, it shows itself in gray hairs, wrinkles, and countless other ways that are both seen and unseen. Of course, teeth are not immune to the ticking clock of time. Discoloration, movement, erosion and gum disease are just a few of the many ways that Father Time shows himself through an aging smile.
nighguard1 Preserving Your Teeth as You Age
Aging does not mean having to say good-bye to your beautiful smile.
The good news is no one has to be a hostage to Father Time. Years ago dentistry focused on a “drill, fit and bill” mentality. In recent years though, dentistry has turned its focus more on prevention. Recently, CNN featured an article focusing on five tips to preserve your teeth as you age. We thought we’d share them with you!
1. Educate Yourself on Dental Care
In the day and age of Google, doing a little research shouldn’t be much harder than having a moment with your Smartphone, Having educated questions to ask your doctor can really help to ensure that the treatment being offered is the best one for you. For example, small cavities can be recalcified with doses of fluoride rather than getting a filling. Just having a little bit of extra background on your situation can ensure you get the best treatment possible.
2. Use an Electric Tooth Brush
electric toothbrush 300×117 Preserving Your Teeth as You Age
The timer feature on an electric toothbrush ensures teeth are being brushed for the recommended time.
Can you believe that 99% of patients don’t brush correctly with a manual brush, nor do they brush for the recommended two minutes? It is because of this startling statistic that dentists recommend investing in an electric tooth brush. They take the guess work out of brushing with proper bristle movement and a timer that ensures that each brushing cycle is the recommended 120 seconds.
3. Wear a Night Guard If You Grind or Clench
nightguard 300×199 Preserving Your Teeth as You Age
NIght guards can preserve the shape of your teeth and protect from the effects of nighttime grinding.
We live in stressful times. Everyone is busy. This stress often manifests itself in the form of teeth clenching or grinding at night. Often people don’t even realize they are clenching or grinding and physical signs are not always visible right away. Inevitably, the pressure on the teeth and jaw shows itself, often in the form of whittled down teeth. An easy solution is to pop in a night guard. As the CNN article says of the night guard, “It may not be sexy, but it’s much sexier than missing teeth.”
4. Know Which Regime Is For You…And Do It!
There are a lot of products on the market to ensure your teeth are healthy. The thing is, to get the full benefits of them, you have to use them and use them diligently. To understand what products are best for you, you should determine which type of patient you are. The four main types that need a little extra attention are cavity-prone, sensitive, strainers and those with bad gums.
5. Choose The Right Dentist
Not all dentists are created equally. Make sure your dentist is up to date on the latest in technology Check to ensure you dentist continues learning through continuing education classes. Most importantly, make sure you have a good feeling from your dentist – he/she takes time with you, encourages your questions and makes you feel at ease. It sounds simple, but it’s probably the most important item on your checklist.

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