Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding Just Like The Dental Office Finally Made Affordable

It happens to thousands of people daily. You go for your dental visit only to learn that you are grinding your teeth at night, doing some serious damage to your “must have molars” and it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars to get a custom fit night guard. Sigh.
Or maybe your constant teeth grinding at night is waking up your beloved partner and pushing him/her to the edge of a serious catastrophic meltdown!?

We have some good news. True custom fit (and most importantly) COMFORTABLE night guards are now affordable. offers night guards exactly like the ones at the dental office at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how it works: Upon purchase, a dental impression kit will be mailed to you. You take your own dental impression and place it in the pre-paid mailer. You then simply stick it in your mailbox. When the impression comes back to the lab, they will pour up a stone replica of your teeth. Your custom dental guard is made from quality materials and shipped back to you.
That’s it! Visit Sentinel Mouthguard Co. to learn more TODAY!

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