Does anyone wear a nightguard for teeth grinding?

I had a dentist appointment this morning and I actually felt giddy when I left…and not just because the appointment was over! The dentist asked about my teeth grinding/clenching and asked if I ever had headaches in the morning. I do, and sometimes they’re so terrible I can’t do anything for at least an hour after I wake up. The pain is usually behind my eyes and I’ve assumed for years I had allergy/sinus headaches. I’ve seen doctors about the headaches before, but nothing resolved them.

This morning, the dentist said the headaches are probably from my teeth grinding so I’m getting fitted for a nightguard. I know it seems silly but if something that simple can get rid of my headaches…even the ones that aren’t that bad but are still annoying, it can honestly change my life!

So does anyone else wear a nightguard? Have they reduced your headaches or anything?

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