Will Ferrell Ejected Shaquille O’Neal From Last Night’s Lakers Game

Say what you want about actor/comedian Will Ferrell – he’s washed up, past his prime, a shell of his former self, he should have stopped after Anchorman, he should take a few years off to come up with a new project that would totally wow us, The Campaign was awful, he yells too much, the only people happy about Anchorman 2 are aging frat boys* in need of fresh happy hour material, he plays the same character over and over – but I still love the guy.

Between his random Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ads, the Knife Guys with Baby Goose and his announcing work at that New Orleans Hornets game, he’s a nice second fiddle to the even more awesome Bill Murray, whose mustache at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am was other-worldly. And last night, Ferrell reminded us why he’s the king of surprise cameos when he showed up to an incredibly boring game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns and played a security guard named Ted Vagina.

The Lakers ended up winning 91-85 thanks to a strong double-double by Dwight Howard, but Ferrell “ejecting” Shaquille O’Neal from the game was definitely much more entertaining.


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