What Does a Night Security Guard Do?

What Does a Night Security Guard Do?

A night security guard is responsible for monitoring the premises of a business, institution, or other area during the nighttime hours. The area the night security guard will monitor may be open to the public or a private area closed off to the general public. Guards may only be required to obtain minimal qualifications for some security positions, while in other cases, the guard or guards will be trained professionals who carry firearms and are prepared for emergency situations. These professionals may be considered a type of law enforcement, and they are usually employed by private companies who will then hire the guards out to other entities in need of security services.

Very often a night security guard can be hired with little or no formal training or education. The skills needed to be successful at the job can be learned through job training; this is usually only true for lower level security positions, in which the night security guard will not carry a gun. The guard may go through training in order to be qualified to carry pepper spray or other types of weapons, but generally, such a guard will not be given firearm training.
More advanced positions may require the night security guard to complete a high school education at the very least, as well as training in firearms safety and use, law enforcement training, and more. The guard may in fact be a former police officer or other law enforcement officer who has spent significant time on training and job experience. Such job candidates will have obtained training through a police academy or similar institution. Former military officers may also become night security guards, as their military training and experience will give them the skills necessary to be successful in the job.

A night security guard will work exclusively at night, which presents its own set of challenges. Working at night means the guard will need to develop a new sleep schedule and be prepared to be awake all night. He or she will need to be familiar with night security techniques, since darkness can make it more difficult to recognize potential threats or criminal activity. The night security guard will need to be familiar with police protocol, as he or she may need to contact local law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency. A commercial driver’s license may or may not be required, depending on the scope of the guard’s responsibilities.

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