SleepRight Secure Comfort Dental Guard

Millions of people suffer from bruxism. The SleepRight NIght Secure-Comfort Dental Guard is an affordable way to relieve the effects of teeth grinding.

In “Bruxism – Signs and Symptoms“, Dr. Melissa Conrad Stoppler estimates that 50 – 95% of adults and 15% of children clench and grind their teeth. Bruxism can lead to problems such as TMJ Disorder, tinnitus, problems swallowing, loss of teeth sensitivity and loss of teeth.

Using a dental guard at night can help ease the pain and effects of teeth grinding at night. The SleepRight Secure-Comfort Dental Guard is one of three dental guards created by Splintek, Inc. as an affordable treatment for teeth grinding and clenching.

A Look at the SleepRight Secure-Comfort Dental Guard

The SleepRight Secure-Comfort Guard is a clear, soft dental guard and therefore does not require boiling to make it fit to the user’s mouth. It is made from polypropylene and EVA and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The guard has adjustable bite-pads to adjust to the user’s mouth size. The bite-pads swivel to match the user’s bite. This model contains stability wings to provide a higher level of security than Splintek’s Slim-Comfort model. The smooth band sits beneath the lower teeth to prevent the guard from sliding.

The SleepRight Secure-Comfort Guard was designed by dentists at Splintek and is available online at Amazon and at select drug stores throughout Canada and the United States.It retails for approximately $50 CAD.

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