Security night guard

Security night guard

Established in Galway over 25 years ago by Stephen and Phillip Duffy

Nightguard, with a highly specialised staff have progressed to becoming the leading Electronic Security company in the west of Ireland.

From consultation to installation the highest standard are expected as norm attaining NSAI and EQA Intruder Certifications of EN 5013 – 1997 and IS:CLC / TS: 5013-7: 2003.

Access Control and CCTV standards of SR 40: 2005, coupled with being the only monitoring station in the west of Ireland having received industry registration of IS 228 : 997 and SR : 2005.

Nightguard stands at the forefront as a professional security provider.

A new branch to our security armoury is live Monitoring of CCTV systems with manned voice over to sites and communication with mobile attendance from Gardai and fire services.

When you install a Nightguard system you know that our name is your security.

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