Security Guards – Unsung Heroes of SA Society!

Security Guards – Unsung Heroes of SA Society!

I was looking at some crime and security statistics recently and found it enlightening that currently is South Africa security guards out number police officers by 2:1.
Yes, that’s right 2 security guards out there for every 1 police officer….

Then another horrific thought struck me! IMAGINE if there were no security guards!
Security guards cape townThe police are not coping with crime as it is, what would happen if there were no security guards?
We so often and so easily dismiss these dedicated and unnoticed people.

We tend to forget, that never mind the weather or time of day, they are out there watching.
At 2am, all hours of the day and night, when we are snug in our beds of elsewhere, somwhere a security guard is fighting of sleep and discomfort and frequently crime so that we can be safe.
Often when we are enjoying our comforts in the luxury of our shopping centers, homes and restaurants, these lone buffers against crime and harm puts themselves in harms way, our 1st line of defence on the home front.
We never know what evil is heading our way but for the diligent duty of a security guard or police officer somewhere in the back ground, we take so much for granted, if only we knew.
So next time you pass a security guard, do give them a nod of acknowledgement or a kind smile, they do not ask for much.

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