Security guards as nightwatchmen

In olden times, prior to the establishment of police forces as we understand them, a night watchman was appointed by the town to patrol the streets at night to guard against robbers or other criminals seeking to harm the community. In our time, a night watchman typically guards buildings at night. Thus a night watchman monitors a business, institution or any other assigned area during nighttime hours. The area under guard may be open or closed to the public, such as a medical emergency room or a school that has closed for the day. Night watchman might also guard private property such as an individual’s home or other private areas to catch trespassers or others seeking to pilfer objects.

What exactly makes a night watch guard?
Depending upon the nature of the assignment, night watchman or night security guards may be required to obtain minimal qualifications, or they may be trained professionals with armed capabilities ready to respond to emergencies. This latter type of night guard may have law enforcement links and are usually employed by private companies. They may also be hired out to other entities in need of night security.

The first category of night guard may be required to undergo some training to carry pepper spray or other types of weapons, but generally there is no weapons training. More advanced night watchman positions require training in firearm use and safety. Such a watchman may be a former police officer or ex-military. Military training skills can easily translate into becoming a high level night watchman.

What can a night guard do for you?

As their name connotes, night watchman work exclusively at night which poses a unique set of challenges. The world seems a much more vulnerable place at night as robbers and other criminals seek the cover of darkness to commit crimes. Night watchman need to be familiar with night time security needs. Potential threats and criminals lurk everywhere at night and being aware of risk and assessing and managing it responsibly are the hallmarks of a good night watchman.


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