RVA Street Art site closes after assault hospitalizes security guard

The 5.5 acre former GRTC bus depot along the 2500 block of West Cary St.  that became the second RVA Street Art site after a recent festival is now closed as the result of a weekend attack on a security officer, an organizer of the festival said.

On Saturday night, several suspects allegedly assaulted a security guard, which left him hospitalized, festival organizers Ed Trask and Jon Baliles said.

The crime log distributed by Richmond Police on Monday listed the incident as an aggravated assault in which a “male reported an unknown person (s) assaulted him,” at 11:01 p.m. Saturday night.

Multiple published accounts throughout the day said that criminals also trespassed and engaged in the destruction of GRTC property.

There was no listed report of vandalism on the crime log. On Tuesday morning, Richmond Police confirmed they had not yet received reports of vandalism at the site.

Trask said that the case has been assigned to the Richmond Police Major Crimes Division. He said the guard was in uniform, but not armed.

“At one point I think GRTC might have thought it had something to do with people who were tagging on the walls–were thinking it might have been gang related– so I immediately went out with a bunch of people to look, to see what had been [put] up,” Trask explained over the phone.

“There were no new tags…none of the tags were gang-related or any serious crude fights or anything of that nature,” Trask said. “I don’t know, I have a feeling that he got jumped, he got mugged.”

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