Robert Pattinson Shoves Security Guard In The Face After Night Out

Stepping out into a sea of snap-happy paparazzi after a night out with friends in Los Angeles on August 17, Rob got especially upset over being mobbed and almost punched a man who he thought was a photographer in the face. Except it was an unwitting security guard!
A security guard of the Hollywood nightclub, Troubador, was an unfortunate victim of mistaken identity and violence on August 17 — at the hands (well, one hand in particular) of Robert Pattinson!
Robert Pattinson Shoves Security Guard
The Twilight actor got physical with the security guard while leaving the club, according to a video taken by TMZ. But it reportedly appeared that Rob meant to lash out at a paparazzo, not one of the men who was just helping Rob navigate through the mob of photographers.

After being bombarded by paparazzi and blinded by their cameras, Rob can be seen in the video lunging at the man and then getting into an SUV and covering his face. And in photographs taken at the scene, Rob is actually smiling while going after the guard!

“He grabbed me on my face,” the bewildered security guard says while picking up his glasses. Instead of getting furious at Rob though, the guard seems to acknowledge that Rob didn’t realize who he was shoving: “He thought I was somebody else,” the guard says. Fortunately, he doesn’t appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

Robert Pattinson: Did He Think He Was Attacking A Paparazzi?
Rob is always so composed and laid back, so it’s a little shocking to see him resort to violence and lash out like this.

On one hand, you can see how being mobbed like that and blitzed by camera flashes could be extremely unsettling and aggravating (we’ve seen Rob’s ex, Kristen Stewart voice her paparazzi frustrations before too), especially since it’s non-stop for him. But we definitely can’t condone Rob getting violent, and it is a little disconcerting that he sort of appears to have enjoyed doing it.

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