Night Patrolling by OSSIM Trained Security Guards

Security guards perform regular checks
Night patrolling security guards will provide increased protection from crime, safeguarding your invaluable possessions. Since your business is prone to security threats during night, it is important to hire night patrolling security guards for a safe work environment.

Night Patrolling Security Guards
The primary task of the security guards is to get acquainted with the property they are safe-guarding and the people connected to it.
The night patrolling security guards move from one place to another and perform security checks within an assigned geographical area.
They monitor the entrances by checking the authenticity of people who enter and leave the premises.
They keep constant check on the access control systems and alarms to protect the property against fire, vandalism or any such crime activities.
In case of bigger premises, the night patrolling security guards will have portable monitor connected to CCTV cameras fixed in various parts of the building.
The security guards can be armed or unarmed, depending upon the requirements, to ensure additional safety.
They monitor various parts of the building regularly, deterring intruders from entering it.
The night patrolling security guards, who work for government buildings or MNC organizations, are responsible for protecting the whole premises by checking the credentials of people and the vehicles entering and leaving the site.
If it is a night shift organization, the security guards should ensure safety of the workers and employees.
They have the authority to arrest the intruder and hold responsibility to attend any emergency calls pertaining to criminal activities.
Thus, the night patrolling security guards ensure safety of your premises and organizational workers.

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