James Harden gives security guard shoulder tap trick

Despite having an injured ankle, Houston Rockets guard James Harden has a sense of humor – even if there’s a bit of elementary school antics behind it.

During Houston’s recent game against the Grizzlies where the former Arizona State product scored 27 points despite only making two field goals, Harden decided he’d have a little fun at the expense of a security guard.

Coming out of a timeout where Harden was to shoot a free throw, the talented guard walked up behind a security guard and tapped him on his shoulder. Harden then walked away as the guard, not wanting to break concentration, wondered what just happened.

Now – I have to give it to security. If I’m standing by myself on an NBA court and I’m tapped on my shoulder, I’m likely going to turn around. The tap didn’t phase the guard though, who kept his stoic look and didn’t look back at Harden as he walked away.

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