Hit-And-Run Injures Security Guard At River North Night Club

It was the sound of ambulances and fire trucks that caught the attention of Jay Maples as he was cleaning up after a party at the brunch restaurant.

“I saw a guy laid out, just assumed unconscious, not moving and some people were trying to wake him up and there was no movement,” said Maples.

The guy on the ground was Matthew White, a 22-year-old security guard from the Boardroom Night Club. He was among the many security officers telling patrons to leave the area because the club was closing

A witness, who agreed to talk to CBS 2 by phone, says a man parked outside the club in a BMW refused to move.
“I believe the gentleman was upset because he was not let into the club,” the witness said.

Angry, the witness says the man pointed a gun at the officers but drove off. Then he returned.

“We were all saying stop, stop,” the witness said. “He was coming back down the street directly at us.”

The witness says Matthew was closest to the car. The driver wasn’t traveling that fast, but instead of stopping he hit White.

“His body kinda turned and rolled,” the witness said.

Since the man had a gun, the witness says they were afraid he would return again.

“We were trying to stop him and detain him to be able to arrest him. Instead of him stopping the car, he just kept going,” the witness said.

White was lucky he only suffered bruises to his and had no broken bones. He was treated and released from the hospital.

Witnesses did not get a license plate. They have a description of the car, a blueish grey BMW. Police plan to check surveillance cameras in the area so get more information on the driver.


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