Gunmen rob armed security guard inside KC auto parts store

Kansas City police are looking for two gunmen who robbed two customers and an armed security guard inside a Waldo auto parts store Wednesday night.
The gunmen barged into the Auto Zone at 8000 Wornall Road just before 6 p.m., when the guard momentarily turned his back on the door. When the guard turned back around, the robbers had guns pointed at him. They stole his Glock 17 and handcuffs, and wallets from two customers. The guard, customers and two employees were all standing near the cash register.
The robbers tried to steal money from the cash register, but the clerk could not get the drawer open, police said. One of the robbers then hit the employee on the back of the head with a gun. A robber threatened to start shooting if the employee didn’t open the register by the count of 10. But then one robber yelled, “Somebody’s coming,” and both robbers fled without any money from the business.

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