Dave McWane apparently choked by security guard during last night’s Big D show

According to people who were at last night’s Big D and the Kids Table show at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, New York, frontman Dave McWane was choked by a security guard. Someone who was at the show uploaded a pretty shoddy video of the shit hitting the fan to Youtube, with the following caption at a point where you can hear Dave being choked out and people shouting “fuck security!” and things of the like:

“A short break in the music while the vocalist attempts to stop a disturbance by attacking a security dude’s bicep with his neck. (OK, that’s not that the real story).”

Red City Radio, who are currently touring with Big D, posted a tweet saying “Well, Poughkeepsie…that was real…something. Never seen so many fights during a ska set. Not sure whether to applaud or cry,” last night around midnight. Another eyewitness named Ryan Nichols offered some insight on exactly what happened:

“The crowd was already kinda rowdy because someone got thrown out during Red City Radio. Big D starts playing and during their third song, someone who was crowd surfing grabbed the pipe running along the ceiling of the venue. Security surrounds the kid and starts bringing him towards the exit. David [McWane] starts telling them to leave the kid alone and gets off the stage and heads towards them. All of a sudden, the bouncer turns on David and puts him into a headlock. Music stops and the band join in. Things get heated and the venue threatens to shut down the show unless the crowd calms down. The show continued, but with David going into rants about overaggressive security. It was just a weird night.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding the incident come to light. Big D and the Kids Table’s latest release was the double album “Stomp” and “Stroll,” which came out on June 11th and can be streamed/downloaded on Bandcamp. Dates on their current east coast tour can be found here.

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