a night guard for teeth grinding, worth the money?

Many times with many different dentists it has been suggested, I need a night guard, but I feel that the problem, is not that serious. I feel the damage they are referring to could be normal age related wear and tear.
I feel that all these dentist want to sell me a night guards, when I don�t really need one. I am quoted all different prices from 300 to even 600 plus.

What is worse, I have heard stories, that people buy them and they can�t sleep with them on anyway. So, they are a complete waste of money. If I could confirm that I could sleep in one, I would be more likely to buy one. I started to research this topic on news groups on the internet, and found some people saying that a night guard did not help them, even if they managed to wear them. Also they don�t last that long and have to be replaced over and over again.

Part of me believes that selling night guards to people who don�t need them is part of an underreported problem, that could merit further investigation by consumer reports types programs.

Does anyone have any further information, or personal experiences with the use of night guards?

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