Smith & Wesson Performance Center Expands With Competition-Ready, Hunting & Self Defense Revolvers

Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that the master gunsmiths of the legendary Performance Center™ have once again elevated the perception of the classic wheel gun through the introduction of four new one-of-a-kind revolvers.
Blending hand craftsmanship with new-age technology, the Performance Center by Smith & Wesson™ has broadened its lineup of precision revolvers with new competition-ready, hunting and personal protection models. For 2014, the Smith & Wesson Pro Series has also been expanded with the addition of a new revolver designed to bring a ready-to-go competition package in 9mm back to the company’s portfolio of high-end firearms.
Averaging over 23 years of service in the historic Performance Center, the master gunsmiths at Smith & Wesson continue to develop hand-cut, hand-fitted and hand-tuned revolvers with an unmatched level of precision. Known throughout the industry for their uncompromising dedication, experience and meticulous production techniques, the Performance Center continues to bring about new revolver innovations appreciated by the most serious shooters, hunters and collectors.
New introductions for 2014 include:
M929 “Jerry Miculek Signature Model” – A 9mm competition revolver inspired by the mind of world-renowned, multi-record holder Jerry Miculek and built by the legendary Performance Center.
Built to the specifications of Smith & Wesson Champion Jerry Miculek, the Model 929 is a high-tuned 8-shot 9mm revolver developed for the competitive shooter. The revolver has a 6-1/2 inch barrel and an overall length of 12.25 inches. The stainless steel frame and a titanium alloy cylinder help keep the weight down to 44.2 ounces. Other popular features of the 929 include a glass bead finish, removable compensator, chrome trigger with stop, cylinder cut for moonclips, Jerry Miculek signature, chrome teardrop hammer and ergonomic synthetic grips. The Model 929 also features a Performance Center hand-tuned action for a one-of-a-kind single and double action trigger pull.
M686 – A classic, time-tested .357 Magnum® revolver enhanced with popular self-defense features made possible by master gunsmiths at the Smith & Wesson Performance Center.
Manufactured as a high-end personal protection revolver, the Performance Center Model 686 is a 7-shot .357 Magnum® revolver with a 2-1/2 inch barrel that features an unfluted stainless steel cylinder. The revolver has a stainless steel frame, custom wood grips, adjustable rear sights and a red ramp front sight. With an overall length of 7.5 inches and an unloaded weight of 34.6 ounces this 7-shot revolver is easily concealed until needed. The Performance Center 686 also features a glass bead finish, chrome trigger with a stop, chrome teardrop hammer, a precision crowned barrel, cylinder cut for moonclips, and of course a Performance Center hand-tuned action.
M629 – A purpose built hunting package for those who seek to combine the notorious .44 Magnum® cartridge with the gunsmithing ability of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center.
For dedicated handgun hunters and .44 Magnum® enthusiasts, the Performance Center Model 629 delivers a 6-shot stainless steel revolver with an 8-3/8 inch fluted barrel. The revolver is standard with an unfluted cylinder as well as two picatinny style equipment rails placed on the top of the frame and in front of the cylinder rod. The Performance Center 629 also has a glass bead finish, chrome teardrop hammer, chrome trigger with stop, custom wood grips, adjustable rear sights with an Orange Glow Blade front sight and a Performance Center hand-tuned action. The M629 is designed to handle the heaviest .44 Magnum loads as well as the lightest .44 Special loads. The revolver has an overall length of 14 inches and an unloaded weight of 59 ounces, making it a perfect companion in any hunting situation.
M460XVR – A true multi-caliber and multi-purpose revolver built by Performance Center master gunsmiths on the durable Smith & Wesson X-Frame.
The new Performance Center 460 XVR is a 5-shot revolver chambered in the powerful .460 S&W Magnum®. The revolver features a 3-1/2 inch barrel, an unfluted stainless steel cylinder, HI-VIZ® fiber optic green front sight, and an adjustable rear sight. The revolver has a stainless steel frame, glass bead finish, a chrome trigger with stop, a chrome teardrop hammer and a Performance Center hand-tuned action. With an overall length of 10 inches and an unloaded weight of 59.5 ounces, this compact .460 S&W Magnum is a welcome addition while in the pursuit of dangerous game.
M986 Pro Series – A Smith & Wesson Pro Series 9mm revolver ready for any course of fire.
Bridging the gap between standard production and the Performance Center, the new Model 986 Pro Series adds yet another 9mm revolver option to the mix. Manufactured with a 5 inch barrel, the 7-shot 9mm revolver has a Patridge front sight, adjustable rear sights, and a stainless steel frame. The revolver has a titanium alloy cylinder, which helps keep the weight of the revolver down to 34.9 ounces. The 986 also features a glass bead finish, a precision crowned barrel, cylinder cut for moonclips, comfortable synthetic grips and a lighter mainspring for an improved double action trigger pull.


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