Smith & Wesson 329 Night Guard

I was trying to decide between the S&W 329PD in .44 Mag, which weighs 25 oz, the Ruger Alaskan .454, which is heavy but rugged, and now I found a new S&W gun, the 329 Night Guard. It has a scandium frame, black 6-round stainless cylinder, 2.5″ barrel, tritium front sight, and weighs 29.3 oz. The price seems comparable to both other guns (around $800).

I want the gun for hiking/camping/hunting in bear country. I haven’t seen any in the gun shops yet, but I think I might have found what I’m going to get. The gun will not be for regular target shooting, but will serve a limited purpose – self-defense while in the woods. The extra weight of the stainless cylinder (vs titanium for the 329PD) is supposed to help with recoil for the big .44 Mag rounds.

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