Smith and Wesson Night Guard Pistols

Smith & Wesson’s new Night Guard series revolvers deliver confidence in every situation. Boasting lightweight scandium alloy frames in various sizes and calibers with front night sights and extreme duty rear sights, these reliable revolvers are the perfect protection – no matter where you find yourself.

The above is from a Smith & Wesson ad in Outdoor Life Magazine. No matter who you are, if you have every lived for long in any Western nation, then you know already that Smith & Wesson is one of the premier and preeminent manufacturers of personal protection firearms, and that is exactly what this product is, it’s a pistol designed entirely for personal protection.

Shotguns and rifles have many uses, but pistols are, by and large, entirely instruments designed for protection. Protection is not something that a government can give to you, and the right to protection is not something that government can take away from you. It matters none at all should you be a convicted felon, or not; government can not give or take away your rights to own personal protection firearms except on paper, and in the minds of the masses. You have rights that were given to you by the creator, and government has no rights, but only abilities to suppress those rights.

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