Night Guard 315 Value

I have a nearly new S&W Night Guard Model 315 .38 Special. I have been trying to trade it with some dealers, and they don’t want it because the .38 Special model was discontinued (why buy a .38 when you can get a .357 just like it?) One dealer had a new one they had heavily discounted. However, I contacted S&W, and they said only 576 of this model were produced. It would appear to me that (a) this is a very high class revolver to start with, and (b) its limited production should make it valuable some day. Would I be better served by wrapping it up and keeping it in the safe as an investment, or is it really of limited value? I have no problem keeping it and using it because it is a fine weapon, but I also don’t want to ruin a potential money maker. Any opinions? Thanks.

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