Why Patients Grind Their Teeth

Grinding our teeth has been a problem for many people; most of whom feel that they have little or no control of the action. The truth of the matter is that when we grind our teeth, we end up causing other problems for our entire mouth. At Dawson Dental Centres, patients who have been affected by this subconscious activity can get the cosmetic dental services in Toronto to help them break the habit. Thankfully there are more treatment options than ever before, and people are getting the results they need.

This tooth grinding habit is medically known as bruxism and it has been the suggested cause of many headaches. These headaches can strike at any time and will only get worse if the patient is unable to stop the habit. A great contributor to teeth grinding is smoking, especially if that cigarette is used just before turning in for the night. Although there are several triggers for teeth grinding, stress is probably one of the worst, which means that patients who work at high stress jobs are much more susceptible to grinding their teeth. As in the case of smoking, coffee and other caffeine products can also play a major role in teeth grinding. Of course, stress and coffee seem to go hand in hand, so it is difficult to have one without the other. The more severe the symptoms are, the more serious the consequences can be.

This disorder is not restricted to any particular age group, in fact, adults and children are all subject to grinding their teeth.The important thing to remember is that the sooner you deal with it, the sooner it can be corrected. It has been suggested that individuals with psychological issues might be more susceptible to grinding their teeth; however those suggestions are focused on children. Teeth grinding is a treatable disease and in the case of children, they have been known to outgrow the habit. Grinding teeth can have a very negative affect on your child’s oral health, and thankfully there are many treatment options to remedy the situation.


For some individuals going to the dentist is not a significant event. For others, a trip to an oral healthcare provider is filled with stress and anxiety. This typically has nothing to do with the provider, but with the patient’s feelings of anxiety regarding the appointment itself. Unfortunately, certain people feel this type of stress whenever they have an appointment with an oral healthcare provider. There are several factors that can help calm individuals down and alleviate the fear associated with routine dental services, thus making the experience as pleasant as possible.To learn more about the services offered at the Dawson Dental Centres, please visit Dawsondental.ca. Dawson Dental Centres is a resource and partner to help you achieve excellent dental health. They create a worry free environment so that you will enjoy your dentistry experiences and return for regular checkups and cleanings. With 15 clinics situated conveniently around the Toronto area, it’s easy to find a location nearest you.

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