Why Do Teeth Grinding Headaches Occur

Even if you’re intensely grinding your teeth at night, it is an activity that happens when you’re sound asleep and know little to zip about it. Actually it might even cause more issues to the individual sleeping beside you as the exasperating sound it creates can keep them up all night long. Nevertheless when teeth grinding happens fairly frequently and becomes too intense, it could cause more major effects on the victim, one being grinding of teeth headaches.

A serious case of grinding or bruxism can mostly lead directly to teeth grinding headaches. Tooth related headaches are customarily experienced thanks to the number of physical effects bruxism has on the person. One can forestall these headaches from happening by knowing and avoiding what causes it. Teeth grinding happens when the jaw of the victim is clenched and made to move forwards and backwards or side to side. When doing therefore you will observe that your jaw muscles flex thanks to the effort exerted to perform the clench.

Since it is equivalent to any muscle in the body, the jaw muscle tends to hurt when it is worn-out. So if a powerful grinding attack occurs, possibilities are the jaw muscles will be sore and distended the following day ; this is among the contributors to a headache. When you clench your jaw at length, not just your jaw muscles are overworked, several facial muscles also restrain to perform this action. When you bite down, you’ll observe that your temporal muscles also flex, you can confirm this by putting your fingers on your temporal lobe as you clench your jaw. Now try and imagine out what will happen to your temporal muscles if you clench your jaw intensely for one night. Agony on your temporal lobes will certainly make a contribution to the teeth grinding headaches that victims customarily experience.

Not having a good night’s rest is among the major factors behind bruxism. Apart from having over-worked facial muscles, not having enough sleep may also cause a serious pain in the neck. These elements can truly bring about a serious pain in the neck particularly if your bruxism condition occurs often.

I have had these headaches in the past and you want to try to avoid them at all costs. It can truly cause a drain on your over-all well being, which is the reason why it’d be best to go consult a doctor and have your teeth grinding condition addressed appropriately.

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