Solve Teeth Grinding Problems with a Dallas Night Guard Provider

Up to a third of children suffer from grinding their teeth, particularly through the night when they are asleep. This can cause long-term damage to your child’s teeth including loosening them, wearing them down, and causing chips and cracks. Your Dallas area dentist might offer night guards to prevent the grinding and help your children keep healthier teeth.

The first sign of your child grinding their teeth will come from hearing this happening. Some parents don’t notice this because their kids are out of range at night. Taking a listen could help you as well as looking at your child’s teeth yourself to see if there are any signs of wear. Of course, if you’re attending regular dentist visits your dentist or hygienist may also point this out to you.

Why Do Children Grind Their Teeth?

There are many causes that can lead to children developing their nightly teeth grinding exercises. They might be under stress or angry and tensions can cause teeth grinding to begin. Where your child’s teeth are not properly aligned or they may be experiencing a mild pain from having a cold, an ear infection or another illness, grinding may also start.

Why Your Dallas Dentist Will Suggest a Mouth Guard

Known as night guards or mouth guards, they prevent your child’s teeth from touching while they are asleep. This prevents the damage that grinding can cause to the teeth. Your dentist will arrange a night guard that is specifically made for your child. For dentists that don’t make their own night guards, they will take an impression from your child’s teeth, which will be sent to a laboratory which makes the mouth guards.

Lower Anxiety

The development of a calm nighttime ritual can help relieve a child of their feelings of stress or anxiety before they go to bed. A regular shower or bath, reading time and listing to calm quiet music can help your child relax. When a child suffers from teeth that are misaligned or another illness, treating those situations first may well reduce any need for teeth grinding.

Talking to your Dallas dentist about night guard for your children’s teeth will help prevent further problems later on in life for your child. While adults understand about repetitive strain injuries from using a computer mouse, your child could be developing similar problems in their mouth and around their head.


Adults grind teeth, too. If you’d like to talk about teeth grinding in a child or yourself, we would be happy to meet with you.

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