Naked Haunted Houses, Text Teeth Grinding Damage + iPosture Back Pain

Kelly & Michael: 88-Year-Old High School Graduate

Kelly Ripa shared a story that she said made her feel very emotional. An 88-year-old Ohio veteran of World War II finally got his high school diploma, 70 years after he joined the Navy so he could skip graduation, because he couldn’t afford to rent a suit to wear to the ceremony. The cost of the suit rental was $9. The man’s daughter said that he is very happy to finally have closure on that chapter of his life.

Kelly and Michael: iPosture + Text Teeth

Naked Haunted Houses, Text Teeth Grinding Damage + iPosture Back Pain
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan discussed the new Naked Haunted Houses trend, which could be dangerous. Tech-related injuries like iPosture are on the rise.

For kids ages 18 to 24 with back problems, the culprit could be iPosture. Those who are tweeting, texting, and constantly playing with other electronic toys could be at risk for back and neck problems, Michael Strahan said.

Ripa said her children’s dentist reported Text Teeth, which is caused by young people grinding their teeth while texting. It can cause toothaches that can be mistaken by cavities. I’ve heard of Text Neck, but Text Teeth is new to me.What do you think about all these new tech health problems?

Do you ask your physician to wash his or her hands before examining you? You shouldn’t feel awkward about requesting that, according to experts, but would you be embarrassed to request that? Surprisingly, doctors wash their hands less than 50% of the time.

Kelly & Michael: Naked Haunted Houses

October is here, which means it is haunted house season. The newest trend this year is a naked haunted house. Kelly Ripa was on the fence about haunted houses, but she was intrigued by this idea.

Strahan said the reality show Naked and Afraid has spawned naked haunted houses this year. You can also go through “prude,” which allows you to keep your underwear on.

“I don’t want to be hit by something,” Ripa said. Not many in the audience thought they would want to go through a naked haunted house.

Strahan said that he doesn’t like haunted houses in the first place, and the co-hosts agreed that they might overreact and hit someone in self-defense.

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