How to Stop Teeth Grinding: Tips & Guidelines

Waking up with a sore neck, headache or jaw pain could be some of the signs you suffer from teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is referred by the dental community as Bruxism, or the clenching and grinding of the teeth.

Teeth grinding can harm your teeth and lead to many painful and costly dental procedures, including crowns, bridges and root canal. Therefore, it is vital to your dental health, to stop it.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

To stop teeth grinding first you need to know its causes. Teeth Grinding can be triggered by stress, abnormal bite, missing or crooked teeth.Sometimes, people may be unaware they’re grinding their teeth because it can during sleep. For more causes check out: What Are the Causes of Teeth Grinding post.

Tips to Stop Teeth Grinding

1. The first advice if you know your teeth grinding or suspect it, is to tell your dentist. He or she can examine any damage that may need to be treated, and can fit you with GrindGaurdN. A FDA approved mouth guard designed to stop teeth grinding.


2. If the causes are related to stress, it will be helpful to begin a reducing stress by exercising regularly, meditating, seeking professional help, and or prescribing to relaxant medication.

3. Also avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol consumption, both of which exacerbate stress and teeth grinding.

4. Avoid chewing gum, pencils or any other chewing habit as it can tighten jaw muscles and contribute to teeth grinding problem.

5. Use a warm, moist towel to relax the jaw muscles before going to bed.

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