Grinding teeth

Has anyone experience problems with grinding their teeth? Mainly at night but I catch myself occasionally during the day doing this, sometimes in a rythmn. I talked my neuro into letting me increase my nightly Topamax from 50mg to 75mg, to try to help, so far it has not. I currently take 1500mg keppra am and again at pm , and 1 mg of Mirapex pm. I have tried wearing a mouth guard, but it bothers my jaw and I am afraid of swallowing it in my sleep. I called and told my nurse that it wasn’t improving and they said they didn’t know what else they could do for me and to to see my regular doctor. I’m afraid my regular doctor won’t touch this, and say, you need to see your neuro. Or say see your Dentist, or will say I can make you a mouth guard. I just want to not grind. Any feedback would be great.
I am a 27 yrs old female. Married, no children.

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