Facial Cupping for TMJ/ Lock Jaw, Teeth Grinding and Headaches

Do you have pain in your jaws? Do you get headaches in your temporal region? Have you ever had your jaw lock up on you? I have done a lot of work with manual manipulation for the jaw, TMJ and lock jaw. Cupping therapy by far, outweighs the benefits from traditional deep tissue techniques.

I have been using cupping therapy for whiplash, headaches and a wide variety of other complaints and pain management. After hearing repeated feed-back from the facial cupping techniques and the benefits they were receiving, I became curious. Many clients have mentioned a feeling of less pressure, less pain and the ability to open their jaws further with out any pain from as little as one 30-minute treatment of cupping therapy. In addition to these other benefits it also relieves headaches associated with chronic tightening of the jaw and facial muscles.

I believe the cupping technique used for temporal headaches and Trapezius referral trigger point headaches (temporal, side of face and forehead headaches), respond best to the negative pressure that cupping therapy offers. If you have not experienced the pain associated with lock jaw, teeth grinding  or TMJ, the area can be very sensitive to pressure. I have found that I am able to get longer lasting results in shorter amount of time with less pain during treatment for my client.

If you suffer from TMJ, Lock Jaw, Teeth Grinding or headaches associated with these conditions, you should try a  half hour treatment to see if you notice any change. I am confident this technique can make a world of a difference. Its worth a try. At Northwest Massage we offer only programs that are results oriented. With on-going training and practice of different protocols for pain, I feel very confident in cupping therapy to offer the quickest, most painless approach to handling TMJ, Lock Jaw and teeth grinding.

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