Effects of Clenching Teeth (aka Grinding Teeth)

Clenching teeth (aka Grinding Teeth) is an act of rubbing your teeth against each other. This is a very unhealthy act, it can seriously damage your dental health and can also be a result of serious mental health problems, such as anxiety or stress.
If you clench your teeth at night, chances are you have bruxism. Bruxism can cause clenching teeth that accrues in sleep, but also in day time. However, if you experience clenching teeth during the day it’s more likely a relief of stress or anxiety. In very rare occasions clenching teeth while sleeping happens due to stress, therefore the statement of bruxism.
Clenching teeth
There is medication for bruxism however it can be complicated to diagnose bruxism. The real problem is the clenching teeth, not bruxism. There are solutions to this, such as night mouth guards for teeth grinding.
Before we get into dental guards for teeth grinding, lets look at the most common symptoms of clenching teeth, a habit that 8-31% of population seems to have.
Headache if you experience a headache early in the morning it can be a sign of a night well spend clenching your teeth!
Grinding teeth in sleep can be so loud that either you or other people in the room wake up from it.
Tooth sensitivity increases as a result of clenching teeth this symptom is also easy to spot.
Inside mouth damage such as chewing’s on the inside of your cheek is a sign of clenching teeth in sleep.
Facial pain or discomfort, this can be anything from jaw pain to chronic facial pain. This also includes stiffness in jaw and generally tired jaw muscles.
Any weird things happening to your mouth in the mornings, such as difficulty opening mouth, can be a sign of clenching teeth.

Mouth guard to stop teeth grinding

There are specific dental guards for teeth grinding. Lots of devices exist on the market, some are better than others. If you are sure you have bruxism, there are specific bite guards for teeth grinding, which are designed to not only protect your teeth but also reduce the overall symptoms and damage done to your teeth.

Night guard for teeth grinding can be bought in any pharmacy or even on Amazon. What I would recommend however is consulting your dentist before buying any such devices. There really are a lot of them, and they don’t need to only protect your teeth – they can help and be a use to other issues your dental health might need.

Dangers of grinding teeth
Its not that clenching teeth is just annoying, it can also be very unhealthy and have expensive consequences.
When you grind your teeth you damage your teeth, especially tooth’s enamel. This means more appointments to the dentist office. Your front teeth get worn down really quick. Your teeth can also lose their position in mouth, as gum recession can happen after regular clenching teeth. Broken fillings and micro-cracks are most certainly going to happen. Obviously losing teeth is following after all that.
You can also get serious jaw infections this way and other discomfort in your face or jaw.

Clenching teeth itself is nothing to be worried about, it happens to a lot of people. The important thing is to be aware of it, know the consequences and decide what you are going to do about it. I would highly recommend fixing this problem, get a mouth guard for clenching teeth or fix your anxiety and stress levels.

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