Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Reverse the Effects of Teeth Grinding

Did you know that grinding your teeth can do more than simply cause you pain and create headaches? It’s true. When you clench your jaw tightly and grind your teeth, you can cause all sorts of problems from cracks to discolouration to cavities to loss of enamel. If you want to repair teeth grinding problems so that your teeth still look nice, you can do so using cosmetic dentistry procedures. This area of dentistry is designed to make your teeth look closer to their natural appearance prior to any damage.
Repairing Teeth Grinding: Bonding
In some instances, excessive teeth grinding can chip a tooth. When this happens, your tooth becomes more susceptible to additional damage. Fortunately, your dentist can repair teeth grinding chips through a cosmetic dentistry process known as bonding. You’ll never know that you chipped your tooth once the procedure is completed, because the bonding process restores the natural appearance of the tooth.

Repairing Teeth Grinding: Dental Crowns
Unfortunately, if you grind your teeth, you wear down the enamel, making your teeth susceptible to a number of problematic issues. The methods used to repair teeth grinding depends on the severity of the damage. If you have worn down the enamel until the inner area of the tooth is exposed, you’ll need a dental crown to protect it. Before your doctor repairs teeth grinding problems, he will take the time to remove any decay that exists. One of the benefits of getting a dental crown to repair teeth grinding damage is that the process also restores the height of your tooth. As a result, your smile will look more natural.

Repairing Teeth Grinding: Discolouration Issues
Unfortunately, all of the chewing and grinding on the surface of your teeth causes small fractures that can lead to unsightly staining. Since the staining occurs on the interior of your teeth, you cannot rely on teeth whitening procedures to repair teeth grinding damage. However, your doctor can use a cosmetic dentistry procedure known as the placement of porcelain veneers to restore the whiteness of your teeth. Veneers are only useful for the teeth located in the front of the mouth.

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