Chico Dentist Quizzes Patients on Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is the clinical name for grinding and clenching your teeth. There are people that succumb to theis condition as an offshoot of stress, tension, and anxiety. Teeth grinding causes may not always be obvious, but the damage this habit can do to your teeth is clear. Chico dentist, Dr. Barbro Lauri Beckett, would like to challenge you to a quiz on teeth grinding.
Q1. True or false – One of the biggest challenges when you struggle with teeth grinding is that the condition occurs unconsciously in many cases.
Q2. True or false – Teeth grinding and TMJ are connected.
Q3. True or false – Teeth grinding has nothing to do with a misaligned bite.
Q4. True or false – Headaches are sometimes a sign of teeth grinding.
Q5. True or false – There is no solution once your teeth have been ground down.
A1. TRUE – Bruxism often occurs unconsciously while you sleep. If you grind your teeth while you slumber, you may not be aware of any issues until you actually have serious dental side effects such as worn down or damaged teeth.
A2. TRUE – They certainly can be. When you have bruxism, you may also end up with full-blown temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Both conditions, whether linked or not, are often helped by the treatment of a customized nightguard.
A3. FALSE – There is a possible connection between teeth grinding and bite misalignment. Orthodontic work is often a good solution when malocclusion is found in conjunction with bruxism.
A4. TRUE – Symptoms of teeth grinding can include jaw pain and fatigue, earaches, dizziness, various dental issues, and headaches.
A5. FALSE – For worn down teeth, dental restoration (fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns) can help repair teeth and avoid any further dental issues such as decay and malocclusion.
Teeth Grinding Help from Chico Dentist
If you are experiencing any discomfort in your mouth, including bruxism, we can help pin-point the problem and recommend a solution and possibly provide you with a nightguard. Contact your Chico dentist at our 95926 dentist office by calling (530) 893-8913. We welcome patients from Chico, Durham, Paradise, and surrounding areas.

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