Bruxism Help: Stop Grinding your Teeth

The condition known as bruxism is characterized by the grinding of the teeth during the night. In some severe cases, clenching of the jaw can also occur which is extremely uncomfortable and frustrating.

People struggling with bruxism usually have teeth misalignment which doesn?t allow for a correct bite, or they have many missing and crooked teeth.

Bruxism Cure and Treatment

Experts in the bruxism field advise that people who experience teeth grinding and jaw clenching problems should always try to keep their mouth in a resting position.

This means that the jaw muscles should be relaxed, and the teeth should not touch unless swallowing or chewing on the food.

If you can manage to keep your mouth in such a resting position during the day, this will reduce the urge to grind the teeth during the night. Keeping the lips together and the teeth apart is actually the rule of thumb you should try to follow.

Right before going to bed, try to ?train? your jaw muscles by chewing on raw vegetables or fruits (an apple, a celery stick, a carrot, etc.). This will help calm down the muscles of your jaw, and grinding or clenching during the night will definitely be reduced.

Another way to relax the clenching muscles is through heat. Simply apply a washcloth that is hot and damp to the muscles of your face (on both sides of the jaw). Relax like that for 20 minutes to half an hour and you will definitely feel much better afterwards.

Then, there are several mouth guard types available that you need to wear during the night to prevent bruxism. These will help keeping the teeth in your mouth apart during nighttime, and this way grinding and clenching becomes impossible.

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