Advice for Teeth / Jaw Clenching?

I’ve pretty much given up on the no talking thing. Lots of friends have texted and emailed asking about my jaw so here’s an update… 🙂

It’s not better yet. *sad face*
I made it through 1.5 days of no talking
then work got crazier and it became almost impossible
so I started talking a little
then my jaw started hurting a LOT.

and now I’m here. 😛 Chiropractor appointment in the am, so hopefully that will go well.


Does anyone have advice for how to avoid teeth / jaw clenching?

That’s my main problem. I don’t think it’s the talking, though that is wearing it out right now. People have said night guards, but I think I’m mostly doing it during the day. This sounds crazy, but I get tense and clench my jaw when I’m typing urgent emails. Which in a disaster relief org, is like 90% of all emails. 😀 and i love it!!

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