A Quick Look At Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding: Review

I know it’s hard to believe that as much as we (society) have progressed, we still don’t know things as fundamental as “Why do people grind their teeth at night?”

I mean, it’s 2013 right?

But the truth is, dentists and researchers still are not sure exactly what causes the habit of grinding or clenching teeth.

However. HOWEVER. They do know the effect of this disorder. The damage caused from teeth grinding can be absolutely pretty scary. If you don’t get something to wear at night that will protect your teeth, you could be in for a world of trouble. It’s no secret that the dentist is expensive! Major restorative procedures are something you really want to avoid. But we get it. Sleeping with a plastic object in your mouth is no fun. It’s something you have to get used to. Now this is important: Trust us. You will be much happier with a true custom fit, little plastic device that fits over just some of your teeth than anything else on the market. Please stay away from those football mouth guards. They are trouble! Researchers are finding out they are doing more harm than good.

At Sentinel Mouthguard Co. we strive to continually provide the most up to date information & design of custom fit night guards for persons that suffer from Bruxism. This includes mild to severe jaw pain, aching teeth, headaches, general facial pain, TMJ.

We currently offer three different types of night mouth guards including hard acrylic, dual laminated, and soft. These all have varying degrees of thicknesses and texture to them.

mouth guard for teeth grinding soft
.120 soft night guard

The .120 soft guard is between 2-3 mm thick. It has a nice gel-like texture for maximum comfort.

The hard acrylic night guard is thin. Some customers are surprised at how thin the design is but because of the grade of material & texture, it is very durable, withstanding even the toughest grinders.

The dual laminated night guard is a newer design. It is a bit thicker than the hard type but not as thick as the .120 soft. This guard is made for moderate to heavy grinders and can last a really long time! 5+ years!

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