3 Simple Causes of Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a disorder that can affect people for years at a time without them having any idea. When it finally gets diagnosed you will have already done serious damage to your teeth. All the same, once it has been properly diagnosed, you can take steps to keep it from doing further damage. To help you understand this condition better, we will look at some of the causes of teeth grinding in this article.

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Particular daily rituals might add to teeth grinding. These include consuming too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Certainly, none of these problems are healthy in general, particularly when done too much, however they can purposely play a role in teeth grinding. You should stay away from stimulants just before you sleep, particularly if that is the time you tend to grind your teeth. Snack food, for example – soda, which more than likely has both sugar and caffeine, can result in teeth grinding when you are awake or asleep. A healthier diet, including a lower amount of stimulants, can aid in the reduction of this issue. There are some professionals in the healthcare field who believe that having deficiencies of nutrition can contribute to teeth grinding. Having calcium, pantothenic acid and magnesium deficiencies have all been known to contribute to teeth grinding. This isn’t something that is agreed upon by experts but it is still possible due to the fact that nutrition can play into your dental health. Furthermore, it is widely recognized that stress can cause teeth grinding, and problems with nutrition can contribute to stress and other emotional problems, so improving nutrition could be helpful in removing stress. You can increase your vitamin and mineral intake both from food and supplements if you think this is contributing to your teeth grinding but it is best to talk to your doctor about your nutritional needs.

There is substantiation that individuals who are apt to become furious and disturbed, particularly Type A personalities, are more apt to become teeth grinders. These are people who are most likely to become intolerant, easily antagonized and who feel bothered if things don’t go according to their plans. Often times, the rigidity in the jaw is actually caused from them trying to stifle their angry feelings. So if you find yourself grinding your teeth whenever you are stuck in traffic or sitting in a meeting that annoys you, you may fall into this category. Once you have recognized the instigator of teeth grinding, it can be remedied, on the account of it being able to be managed, at least when you are awake. It’s also advantageous for your complete physical condition and well being to determine how to minimize feelings of irritability and dissatisfaction.

Many dental and gum problems are caused by teeth grinding and it does weaken your teeth. Grinding your teeth for a few minutes here or there might not be that big a deal, but if you do it for years it can cost you lots of money in dental bills as well as lots of discomfort. We’ve taken a look at some of the possible causes for teeth grinding in this article but the most important thing is to figure out a way to stop this habit so that you’ll be able to keep your own teeth when you get older.

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