3 Effective Methods for Treating Teeth Grinding in Sleep

Do you have a problem like many others who grind their teeth during sleep? Many people who grind their teeth during sleep are unaware that they are doing it until some else alerts them like a partner or dentist. Many people don’t begin having problems until late childhood or early adulthood but it can begin as a young child. This is not a condition you want to ignore which is the purpose of this article.

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For those that have struggled with this for some time, there are many therapy options available, including behavior therapy. One technique the therapist can teach you is how to pay attention to how you feel during the day along with techniques to relax your teeth and jaw. Tension in this area during the day is quite popular for people who grind their teeth. The goal of therapy in this case is to retrain you to release this tension instead of holding onto it. The hoped for result is that releasing the tension will carry over into your sleep. Learning to pay attention to your body and taking the time to work with the therapist will take time though. The results of no longer grinding your teeth in your sleep are worth the time and effort it will take you to learn this technique.

One of the most well-known therapies for grinding your teeth while you’re sleeping is to use a mouth guard. There is a plethora of these on the market, like those that you can pick up in a drugstore to those that you can get professionally fitted from your dentist. Mouth guards work to stop you from grinding your teeth, and there’s not really any other option for getting you to put an end to this when you’re sleeping. Some people realize that they are so awkward they are unable to get any sleep with them, as other people think it is a really effective cure. You might have to test out bunches of them before you figure out which one fits the most comfortably in your mouth. This is one way some people get over the habit of teeth grinding in their sleep.

One rather extreme measure to get yourself to quit grinding your teeth in your sleep is to take a muscle relaxant prior to going to sleep. By calming your body down, specifically the jaw muscles, it’s possible you’ll be able to officially end your grinding habits. Nevertheless, there are also some negative aspects of this, such as becoming reliant on these meds.

Additionally, you need to steer clear from these drugs during the day because they can be harmful for driving and make you sleepy at work and / or during typical activities. At times, muscle relaxants are recommended for impermanent events, like right after you’ve had some dental work done, so that you won’t grind your teeth and disrupt all the work that was completed. The only time you should ponder over this is when your physician has advised you to do so and if other treatment remedies for teeth grinding during sleep are not working. When it comes to teeth grinding in your sleep, just remember that no matter how long you’ve had this problem, you don’t have to live with it forever. Luckily, this problem can be treating in several ways and with different methods. You can find relief from the unhealthy habit of grinding your teeth in your sleep, by using the above methods as a guide.

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